Providing Affordable, Compassionate and Friendly Non-Medical In-Home Care
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Services Our In-Home Companions Can Provide:

  • One-on-one companionship
  • Light housekeeping including laundry and dishes
  • Planning, cooking and serving nutritious and wholesome meals
  • Keeping family informed about the care provided
  • Reading letters, mail, newspapers and books
  • Organizing phone messages
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Shopping for household items and food
  • Other services as requestedA detailed service checklist is provided below.
  • Service Checklist
    Helper Services
    Basic companionship (A1)
    Baking for enjoyment (A24)
    Shopping - General (B1)
    General conversation (A2)
    Select clothing (A25)
    Shopping - General (B2)
    Prepare meals (A3)
    Washing and drying dishes (A26)
    Housekeeping - Light (B3)
    Retrieve mail and sort it (A4)
    Answer the telephone/door (A27)
    Dusting/polishing furniture (B4)
    Assist writing letters (A5)
    Upkeep datebook and remind (A28)
    Washing and drying clothes (B5)
    Grocery list preparation (A6)
    Arrange/maintain photo books (A29)
    Ironing clothes (B6)
    Cut/prepare coupons for shopping (A7)
    Assistance with sewing/mending (A30)
    Video rental, purchasing reading materials (B7)
    Appointment arrangement (A8)
    Entertainment assistance (A31)
    Over cleaning (B8)
    Plan visits with family/friends (A9)
    Home care service monitoring (A32)
    Closet/pantry cleaning (B9)
    Visits with family/friends at home or within walking distance (A10)
    Assist with VCR, TV, radio, stereo (A33)
    Assistance with airline departure and arrivals (B10)
    Lawn care/snow removal coordination (A11)
    Crafts games, cards participation (A34)
    Planning/visiting family and friends by car (B11)
    Remove garbage (A12)
    Organize pantry/cupboard (A35)
    Prescription/medication pick up (B12)
    Linen change (A13)
    Walking/escorting (A36)
    Kitchen cupboard cleaning (B13)
    Plan meals (A14)
    Expiration/freshness of food (A37)
    Transportation to appointments (B14)
    Diet monitoring (A15)
    Home delivery overseeing (A38)
    Attending cultural events (B15)
    Reading (A16)
    Birthday/anniversary reminders (A39)
    Attending religious services (B16)
    Letter and bill mailing (A17)
    Home maintenance supervision (A40)
    Attending sports events (B17)
    Recipe recording and arranging (A18)
    Assistance in/out bath (A41)
    Attending club meetings (B18)
    Pet care assistance (A19)
    Check answering machine (A42)
    Drop/pick up dry cleaning (B19)
    Feeding/watering house plants (A20)
    Discuss current events (A43)
    Escort to lunch/dinner (B20)
    General grooming (A21)
    Remind/monitor medicine use (A44)
    Escort to doctor appointments (B21)
    Assist bill preparation/paying (A22)
    We Care
    Escort to beauty appointments (B22)
    Decision making help (A23)
    Refrigerator cleaning (B23)